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Blog - Perfect Pitch

So moving on from what makes a good musician let's discuss perfect pitch and how to obtain this wondrous skill.

The concept of perfect pitch better known as Aural Perception is having the ability to hear the notes or chords that are being played on a guitar, keyboard or a pitch instrument without actually seeing what's being played.

Obviously having this skills can be useful in so many musical situations, so how does one go about achieving such a mystical gift?

Let's begin with focusing on the following 7 notes - A B C D E F and G these notes will probably be the most common to guitarists rather than such notes as Bb or Eb.

We now begin visualising the primary colours to the each one of notes above.

For example E = Red, G= Green, B = Blue, C = Yellow

The idea is to hear the colour of the note (and chord)....this of course is very subjective as everyone's perception of what colour matches what note will vary with each person.

Just as music can make us feel a certain way and harmonize our emotional state we can learn to project the 'sounds' as a visual colour...yep that does sound a bit 'out there' but just give it a go and visualize sounds and hear colours...enjoy!

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