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Blog - What Makes A Good Musician (Part 3)

So following on from last months blog What Makes A Good Musician (Part 2) lets discuss an important factor when crossing the line from amateur to pro...Confidence.

As a youngster I've always had a passion for music, but hated performing. I sometimes wonder how I ever made to it being a musician at all!

Stage fright is something most performers encounter at some point, I remember going bright red whilst performing, head down looking at my shoes, trembling with now loving the feeling of being on stage and interacting with crowd...but how did this change occur?

I recall speaking to my old guitar tutor about having confidence on stage and I was relieved to hear he once suffered from stage fright too. I asked him now he over came this problem and he responded by saying 'Gigging...and just getting out there and doing it! Make mistakes, learn from them, grow and push on"

I remember dropping my head slightly and feeling disappointed hoping there was another way he over came his stage fright. But the truth is, he was right! After a few months I threw myself into gigs, playing in bands, working in new projects and meeting new musicians, forcing myself out there.

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