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Blog - What Makes A Good Musician? (Part 2)

So following on from last months blog What Makes A Good Musician? (Part 1) lets discuss a topic which is close to my heart and a subject area that I'm passionate about...


To me commitment is such an important factor when working with musicians. It really doesn't matter how good you are if you can't commitment 100% to a band or project you'll never cross that line from amateur to professional musician.

Commitment spans a whole variety of topics from turning up to gigs and rehearsals on time, bringing the right equipment, sacrificing your social life, practicing and learning the right arrangements of songs and doing your upmost to make a band or project successful.

The sad thing is I've known even pro musicians to slacken up and rest on their laurels, remember there's no room for complacency!

So food for far are you willing to commitment to reap the rewards you deserve.

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