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Blog - The Number Game

So following on from the previous blog, Chord Charts - we can now begin to focus on reading charts in more depth and look at a concept that is an absolute must for any aspiring musician.

Rather than looking at charts with just chord names and symbols we should also look to study them as numbers too.

This method of reading will allow you to fully understand the depth and nature of the song. Reading numbers will also allow you the flexibility of being able to change key at a drop of a hat, an absolute must when working with professional singers and function bands.

This level of musicianship is crucial for anyone looking to improve their theory and reading skills, it's also a great mental workout too!

I IV V = Major (Capitals) i iv v = Minor (Lower Case)

Study the chart below and change the numbers into a key of your choice (for example I = F#). Can you work out this famous song?!


i / V / bVII / IV /

bVI / III / iv / V /


bVI/ III / V / i /

bVI / III / iv / V /

Enjoy Reading!!

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