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Lets be honest most guitarists and bass players obsess about gear...spending hundreds sometimes even thousands of pounds searching for 'that tone'.

You will often hear gear heads talk about what guitars, amps and pedals they are using but you will hardly ever hear them discuss instrumental cable, strange really as your guitar cables / leads carry your sound and are responsible for 80-90% of the signal path. It always amuses me to see guitar players who have top of the range gear contacted together with relatively cheap or crap cables...and worse yet...these cables always seemed to be tangled in a mess!

So I recommend investing in top quality guitar cables :) There are many manufactures out there on the internet, some top brands worth checking out are Van Damme, Magma, Mogami, Klotz and Divine Noise to name a few!

Personally I use short Van Damme cables for studio sessions and longer Mogami cables for live performances (which simply gives me freedom on stage to move around without the risk of pulling a lose connection) and custom length patch leads with Switchcraft Pancake Jacks (which saves for pedal board real estate) for connecting my pedal board together.

So, next time you experience a fault in your signal path, before cursing your guitar or valve amp double check those leads and I bet you a pint 8 times out of 10 its a dodgy lead that is cause of the problem! :)

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