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Blog - Hybrid Picking

Moving on from Finger Picking we can now start to focus on Hybrid Picking.

This technique involves holding your pick between your thumb (p) and 1st finger (I) thus allowing your 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers (m, c, a) to adopt the 'claw' position. Though it's not an exact science the pick should be used to pluck strings E,A & D while your 2nd finger plucks the G string, 3rd finger plucks the B string and 4th finger plucks the high E string.

When beginning to learn finger picking patterns, most guitarist will find plucking with their fingers feels more natural. However I recommend persevering with this technique as it can open up a wealth of possibility to your picking hand technique. Though this technique is often associated with country licks and banjo rolls certain rock fusion guitarist like Greg Howe and Frank Gambale have incorporated hybrid picking into there sweep picking licks!

Why not try playing some of your favourite finger picking riffs but now focusing on hybrid picking taking your time to master this technique. Enjoy!

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