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Blog - Practice Routine Part 1

Ah the dreaded P word! Yes that's right....Practice!!!

Let's get straight to the point...focused practice will be the most efficient and direct way for you to improve quickly, chart your progress and smash through the psychological wall of 'I'm not getting anywhere'

So what's the secret to focused practiced?

  1. Knowing the difference between playing and practicing. Both are equally important and necessary - however, continually playing your favourite AC/DC song maybe fun but are you really achieving anything? Apart from having fun of course!

  2. Stop noodling and shredding for a minute and focus on what you really should be practicing...its all too easy to get distracted!

  3. Practice with a metronome - this isn't just for Scales but licks, riff, chord progressions etc...pretty much everything! Guitarist are notoriously renowned for lacking in the rhythmical department so step up and stand out by being the guitarist with exceptional timing!

  4. Time - If you only have 20 minutes , that's no excuse for 'not enough time' 5 minutes of the One Finger Per Fret Exercise 10 minutes of set licks & tricks and 5 minutes of improvising will be more beneficial than you realise!

  5. Understanding - Take the time to understand what you are really practicing. For example if you understand the mechanics of Sweep Picking you will find that practicing those licks will become easier. Its far more straight forward to achieve a goal when you understand the process.

  6. Time Saving - by combining exercises for example practicing scales and techniques together.

  7. Remember - 'The slower you practice the quicker you will master the technique'. Think about it! When you're first learning a new exercise you are focusing on left and right hand movements, pick direction, listening, tone, timing, remembering the lick or sight reading it etc... so the last thing you need to do is play at the speed of light! Practicing at a slower pace allows you to place the information into your brain correctly and efficiently the first time. Food for thought, enjoy!

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