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Blog - Scale Work Out Exercises

This months blog will focus on 'Scale Work Out Exercises'. Practicing scales can become a bit of a bore, so by focusing on changing the rhythmical values of the notes you play its possible to add interest to your practice routine as well as develop your sense of rhythm too!

Most guitarist get caught in the trap of ascending & descending scales in quarter notes (crochets) slowly increasing the metronome tempo as they go.

So here's a tip...set the metronome tempo at 90bpm (or whatever tempo is most comfortable for you) and practice quarter notes as per usual....then keeping the tempo at the same speed focus on practicing the scale in eight notes (quavers), eight notes triplets and finally sixteenth notes (semi quavers).

You can even beginning to mix it up by ascending in eight notes & descending the scale in sixteenths etc.

Focus on combining techniques and extending pentatonics as well to add further interest and maximise your practice time, enjoy!

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