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Blog - String Bending Exercise

This month I will be focusing on a simple String Bending Exercise to help improve the accuracy of your pitching whilst bending em' strings!

Before we look at the exercise it is worth focusing on building the correct technique to help you execute the 'Bends' efficiently.

Whilst string bending can be performed with any one of your 4 fingers from the fretting hand, most guitarist seem to favour their 3rd finger. This allows you to place your 1st and 2nd finger behind the 3rd to support the bend, thus increasing the likelihood of reaching the correct pitch.

This also allows you to grip the string with more control and therefore the string is less likely to slip under your 3rd finger.

By placing your thumb over the neck it allows you to anchor your fretting hand and pivot the wrist, helping your fingers push up the string you are bending, rather then wasting energy by moving the whole of your arm.

G String Exercise

There are numerous forms of String Bending techniques for guitarist to study such as Harmony Bends, Unison Bends, 1/4 Bends, 1/2 Bends etc

This exercise focuses on the a 'Full Bend' or better known as a 'Tone Bend' due to bending the string up two frets = 1 tone

Pick the 21st fret on the G string and focus on the pitch and sound of the note. Then move your fretting hand back to the 19th fret, pick the note and bend the string up to the pitch of the 21st fret.

This allows to you to really hear the pitch and sound the of the desired note. Repeat this process and continue down the fret board.

This exercise can be perform on any string and I recommend it too! Enjoy!

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