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Blog - Extending Pentatonics

For this months blog I have decided to discuss 'Extending Pentatonics' and it's potential for developing your improvising skills and helping you focus on 'breaking out of those scales boxes!

Extending Pentatonics may sound complicated however it simply combines various scale boxes together to form more of a linear / horizontal pattern rather than being confined to a one finger per fret scale box.

Below is one of the most simplistic examples of this technique. This Extended Pentatonic incorporates scales shapes 5, 1 and 2 of the A minor pentatonic scale.

You can also begin to add in the 'Blues Note' (b5th), major notes (3rd & 6th) other chromatic notes to produce a hybrid scale.

Extending scales can be incorporated into any scale not just pentatonics, there are numerous patterns available on the net, though sometimes its more fun to explore your own possibilities by composing your own unique shapes....go for it!

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