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Blog - Moving Thumb Position For Bass Players

This months blog will focus on picking hand techniques for Bass Players.

For those who play with their fingers (rather than a pick) finding a comfortable position to rest ones thumb is paramount.

Most players may prefer to rest their thumb on the pick up which allows

the picking hand to stay in a stable position. The advantage of this method means that your picking hand does not tired so easily as only your fingers are moving.

I prefer the Victor Wooton method of moving the picking hand / thumb across the strings as you play. For example, if you are playing a melody on the D string your thumb would rest on the A string. This allows

more control / accuracy and the added benefit of dampening, as your picking hand will mute any unwanted noise from the remaining strings.

Ultimately its your choice on which method you may prefer, each has its own benefits. Though from my own personal experience once I incorporated the moving thumb technique into my playing I found my overall technique improve. Hopefully you now will begin to see the same improvements too!

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