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Blog - Sweep Picking Part 2

So following on from last months blog let's look at some more examples of Sweep Picking

Keeping the metronome at a steady pace now look to develop the lick by adding in the 12th fret not on the G string and with one fluid movement drag your pick across the strings in a downwards stroke while muting the string you just played by easing off the pressure of your finger(s).

Once you have mastered this picking motion begin to hammer on and pull off the notes on the high E string, 12th to 15th frets respectfully.

We the return in a descending fashion by dragging the pick back across the strings in an upwards movement to complete the sweep picking pattern. Add in a bend to finish of the lick with some style! Remember, aim to change the permutations of rhythms, quarters, eights, sixteenths etc before increasing the over all tempo of the lick. Enjoy!

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