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A term that often pops up when moving around the fretboard is ‘Position Shift’…but what does this actually mean?

Breaking this down into layman's terms it simply means starting the One Finger Per Fret position again. Yeap it’s that old chestnut once again the One Finger Per Fret method (in abbreviations O F P F), hopefully now you are beginning to see the importance of this pattern.

The tab below shows the correct way to fret the notes as you move across the fretboard.

As you slide from the 5th to the 7th fret on the G String with your 3rd finger you can then focus on the 'Position Shift' thus your 1st finger will now land the 6th fret of the B String. The following 8th fret will now be fretted with your 3rd finger etc...

Therefore as a summary; when the fretting hand moves across the guitar neck in a linear fashion this is known as a ‘Position Shift’ and therefore the system of One Finger Per Fret starts again.

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