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For any gigging guitarist securing your guitar when performing is a must! There is nothing more embarrassing than your guitar slipping off the strap half way through a performance!

There are many great products on the market that offer an excellent Strap Locking system. My personally favourite for many years has been the Jim Dunlop StrapLok® Ready Buttons and still is!

However here is a quick and relatively cheap way of up grading your guitar with Strap Locks and is widely known in the guitaring community as the Grotsch Strap Lock.

Grotsch beer bottles have a flip lid cap which contains a rubber gasket to keep the beer fresh and tasty! Simply buy two Grotsch beers (or ask an adult if your too young!) empty the contents and you will have the two red rubber rings that you can now simply slip over the strap on your guitar and there you go.... you have a secure strap locking system.

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