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Blog - The Importance of not being idle...Posture

Feeling comfortable when practicing and performing is paramount! Whether you're sitting or standing posture can often be over looked but it really is the basis of building up your technique. It may look cool with your guitar slung low around your ankles but how well will you be able to play? And what damaged will you be doing to your back? It's good to know with a good posture you will be rockin' well into your elder years!

Sitting Posture

Whether you're sitting on a stool, chair or bench make sure your back is straight, sitting up to attention. Legs should be roughly shoulder length apart with feet flat on the floor (this will also help with tapping your feet in time).

Place the guitar across your leg or between your legs (this position is favoured by classical, country and some metal guitarist with flying V's). Now lightly rest your forearm (depending on your orientation) across the body of the guitar so that your arm, body and legs now support the guitar.

Your fretting hand should not need to support the guitar neck and you will be able to take your fretting hand completely off the fretboard without the guitar slip off your legs.

Standing Posture

When standing to play the guitar, you will need to make sure your guitar strap is securely fastened to the strap knobs. I would recommend a good leather strap and strap locks.

There are many great guitar poses you can make when standing up while keeping a good posture. Generally its good advice to keep your back straight and arms free from your sides (P.S. there is nothing wrong with checking yourself out in the mirror while to find what's right for you!).

Adjust your guitar strap according as this will allow you to get the guitar at a comfortable playing height while maintaining a cool guitar poses.

Picking and Fretting hand posture will be covered in next month’s blog

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